Hardy hibiscus dying fast

gardeniarose(z10FLA)June 25, 2007

I bought an H. moscheutos about 10 days ago. It came from Lowe's and was actually 2-3 individual plants in a 1-gal pot. I potted the whole thing up in a terracotta pot in a mixture of MG potting mix, perlite, sand and vermiculite. I have kept it well watered, never letting it dry out. All its blooms opened and all buds that were on the plant which were small had eventually matured and opened normally. The problem is that the branches of the plants died one by one. Entire branches would suddenly (like overnight) have dried withered leaves. There is only one branch left (not even a whole plant). This remaining branch put out 2 normal blooms yesterday. It is only a matter of time before it too is dead. I thought maybe it was just going dormant for the winter but it is only June. Any help? Thanks. Oh...it's in full sun.

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hitexplanter(8 a)

About the only two things I can think of that might be going on is too much water which is pretty hard to do but can be done. I have done it so I know it can be done:( he other would be overferilizing and salt injury from too much fert. If you got too heavy with fert flush it immediately and throughly. If not look at your watering and make sure the top few inches dry before watering again. In your situation maybe bring the plant to slightly wilting stage and then water. If roots have rotted it will take time and patience for new roots to reform. Same can be said about overferting. It is a slow process to recover from and too much watering in either case can finish your plant off. Good Luck and Happy Growing David

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