hardy hibiscus from seed

artzypantz(z5 / IOWA)June 1, 2007

I have been growing hardy hibs for a few years from seed. I had a ton of seed about 4 years old so i just dumped it all in pots to see what would come up. I got 5 plants from about 200 seeds.

When the seedlings were about 2 to 2 1/2 inches tall, i got impatient and planted them out in the yard in their spots. Since planting them outside we have had way to much rain & Two of them have died flopped over at the base.

Its still raining and we are forcast to have days on end of more rain.

Should i dig up the remaining 3 tiny plants and put them back into a pot & bring them in the house?

I hate to lose them. You know how it goes when you want to get your yard going with certain plants, but just don't go and buy them and your impatient, lol.



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halaeva(z6 Toronto)

Hi Tonia.
If i were you i would do everything in order to safe the plants.I would dig them up and put them into pots.
I grow Hardy Hibiscuses for more than 10 years and i treasure them.They are my favorite plants.Let us see what others say.
My best.

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hitexplanter(8 a)

I would also dig them up to a very loose well drained media. I have seen heavy rainfall this spring in Texas as well and because I did a very loose (well drained media I am getting great results with my hibiscus(s)and my maters. You can always plant them later when the weather settles down. Good Luck and Happy Growing David

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I agree..If the rain continues, I'd also dig up, place in pot, set in sunny window..wait until seedlings are at least 7" tall before setting outside.
One of my hardy hibs was started from seed back in 89. Disco Belle, Hib. As seed germinated, I then left pot in a south window.
Be careful when digging up roots..You don't want to break the little guys..Good luck, Toni

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artzypantz(z5 / IOWA)

I can't get a break! The rain is non stop & the ground is total mud all the time. I'm afraid these guys are going to die from water log before i get them out. They are growing better now but i hate to dig when its total mud!
Wish me luck!

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Good luck, Tonia..Is it still raining there? What happened to your hibs? Were you able to save them/dig them? Toni

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This might be a dumb idea but what if you left them where they are and just covered them with plastic? Are they still small?

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donnaz5(Z5 NY)

i'm no expert, but i've grown hardy hibiscus for years, both my own seed, and seed i've gotten in trade...first of all..hibiscus LOVE water..the more the better..they can actually thrive planted in a few inches of water..so if yours are flopping over, it is probably something else..maybe a fungal disease?? i always just planted my seed right outside in the ground, and i've never had a problem..or such a low germination percentage..which again..makes me think you might have a fungal problem, or damping off disease?? usually, they're like weeds..sling the seeds and they grow..could you have harvested your seed too early?? donna

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nucci60(6 Ma.)

donnaz,do the hybrid hibiscus like fireball or ann arundel grow true from seed or do they revert back to the "wild"?

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

I have just gotten interested in Hardy Hibiscus the past couple of years. I tried winter sowing some seed that I traded for, the past two winters. This past winter I didn't get any germination...disappointing. The winter before I ended up with only two seedlings. One was an annual yellow that didn't come back, but one grew and didn't bloom that summer. This year it was slow to emerge in the spring, but I have been watching it form buds for a few weeks and I just came in the house from looking at it and I am so excited. It has two buds unfurling and they are a luscious pink. Here in the northeast, how do you collect seed since they bloom so late?

I am going to try to grow more from seed again. I would love to have more of these beautiful plants.


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I just got my botany lesson this weekend from a seasoned Hardy Hibiscus grower. I thought I was saving him seeds from spent blooms...to find out what I thought were the seeds were not. He told me that in Ohio to look for the seed pods in September and October. After the flower blooms and the petals drop off... leave the green "thingy" where the petals were alone on the plant. Eventually you will see the middle of this "thingy" swell quite large...leave it alone..this swollen pod like thing will eventually turn brown and remain quite large...it contains the seeds you are looking for. I wish I had the correct terms for these plant parts...but I hope I've helped you to know what to look for

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