Hibiscus radiatus - tips cauliflowering

KasimaJune 23, 2013

Hi! I cut my in-ground H. radiatus back severly this spring, and it usually comes back out quickly and grows like mad. This year, it started out well, got about 2 feet tall and all the limb tips are cauliflowering. I don't have a pic, sorry, but they are growing all bunched up. All the new growth is like that at every node. I have another that was grown from a cutting from last year's plant that seems to be doing o.k., so I've taken a few cuttings from it. I did not save seeds from this plant, because I figured it would send up lots of babies, which it has, but the ones closest to it are also cauliflowering. The ones a couple of feet away seem o.k.

A virus in the soil perhaps? We don't spray anything with chemicals.

Unfortunately, I cut back the healthy one in the pot a few days ago. I did get a couple of cuttings but I can't tell if they are doing it or not. They are growing around a palm tree, and I'm afraid that some sort of soil fungus that killed two of our other palms may be in the soil.

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Wanted to add that it looks like typical damage from pink hibiscus mealybug, but there are no mealybugs present on that or any other plant in the vicinity.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Any chance of herbicides used anywhere in the vicinity?

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