Has my Parsley Bolted....

computergardener(z7 NC)April 22, 2008

This parsley is only 1 year old, but it looks like it is starting to bolt and will go to seed this spring. Do I need to pick up another plant or two if I want parsley this year. Or can I cut this pack and it will be fine?

Here is a link that might be useful: Image of Parsley

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Parsley is a biennal. Puts up leaves first year, puts up seed stalks second year then dies. Plant new plants while waiting for the seeds to become ripe.

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

Short answer - yes. If you leave it alone it might self seed if it can pentrate that mulch. Meanwhile start or buy some new plants.

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Parsley will go to seed early if it has been subjected to late transplanting, or a sudden change in temperature, or other 'abuse'. Also (something to watch for) some unscrupulous nurseries will sell you small seedlings that are actually more than a year old and treated with anti-growth hormones. So when you plant them, and you think you've got a true baby, actually you've got a year-old plant instead!

Yes, your parsley is going to seed, which is a pity because the plant is very small for an adult. Let it go to seed and you could find parsley plants all over the place next year.

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CA Kate

I agree with all said above. Only thing to add is that the tiny flowers on the umbel will attrack some useful tiny, non-stinging, bees and wasps to your garden.

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