MissGardnerDecember 17, 2003

Does anyone here in Da Islands have stevia?


bwheeler in Honaunau

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Hi! Where is Honaunau? On Oahu, you can get Stevia from Star garden (it comes and goes), at Home Depot, Walmart, Kilgo's, and Niu Nursery, to name a few.
I really like Kilgo's because they usually have the standard herbs with a small selection of "different", unusual plants/trees.
Niu Nursery (both of them--side by side, they are related. Situated in Hawaii Kai), is really wonderful to visit. If you get a chance, talk story with the owners. It doesn't matter which one you go to. In fact, go to both.
I grew Stevia in a pot once (about 3-5 gallon), it was a weed! I ended up giving it away because I couldn't stand the after-taste of the leaves. (Yup, I'm a "taster"--meaning even diet coke leaves a bitterish aftertaste in my mouth).
By the way, if you are not on this island, you may be able to order from Niu.
Good Luck and happy plant hunting.

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Aloha Bud W

I have stevia and I am on the big island near Matsuma. Give me a call at 325-6465 or e-mail me at and I will give you a start. I have seen plants at Walmart. They don't have it all of the time though.


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hotzcatz(Hamakua, Hawaii)

I just got one at the Kona plant sale last weekend. Do they become invasive? I've planted it out in the yard and so far (it's been two days) it hasn't taken over. How do you use the leaves to sweeten things? Dry them out and grind them up?

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