More herbs or too late?

mamiof4(7)April 29, 2010

I am a newbie and I am garden crazy this year. I have a flower garden, vegetable garden and I started a small herb garden. The herb garden started off as part of the vegetable garden but I have decided to seperate the two. I have sweet basil (seeds), cilantro (seeds) and a small rosemary plant that was given to me currently growing in the herb garden. Now to my question I really want to throw some more herbs into the garden and was wondering if it is too late. If it is not too late what should a plant? I have found a love in gardening but do not know what will grow best. I cook a lot but never use fresh herbs because they were above my budget. I want to try new things so I would love to hear what are your favorites and should they be grown by seeds or should I buy a plant? Oh I have a huge yard (full sun) so space is not an issue. Can't wait to hear your responses. Thanks!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

It's late to plant seeds, but you could surely enjoy the results of some herb plants. Be sure to do a little research as some herbs don't like the heat of the summer.

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I would purchase the small sized container plants from the nursery. Try not to spend too much but there are different kinds of basil you can eat most but some just for being pretty.. A couple of different thymes and an organo to place in an area that would not be disturbed.

If you like cilantro you should purchase a couple of packets of seeds for the first couple of rounds then let yours go to seed. When the seed is dry it will fall from the seed head and if it likes where it is at you will have a continous supply for the summer.

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Herbs that you might want to try getting as small plants in pots and putting out into your herb garden are the thymes and sages. They both have transplanted well for me, and can be perennial depending on your zone and how much sun they get. Dill is another possibility, but try to get them small because they can be fussy about having their roots disturbed too much. Oregano is like mint, in that it can be invasive, but you might want to try it (and mint) in containers or somehow controlled in your herb garden. I have my best luck growing herbs, and I spend lots of time with my herbs just because they smell so good while I'm fussing over them. Try all sorts of things, most especially things you love to eat. Some of them may not make it, but it's all a learning process and you may wind up with the most wonderful herb garden you can imagine. Go for it!

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mgpaquin made good suggestions.

In zone 7, it is not too late to direct sow things like cilantro, parsley,
chives, basils, sweet marjoram.
But I woul get few plants for early harvest and sow more seeds.
And never plant mints in the garden.Oreganoes do propagate but I would not consider them
"Invasive" if you manage and control them.
With rosemary, consider its size couple of years from now and do not plant any perenial
within a diameter of couple of feets. But you can use the space for annuals.

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Thanks guys I have gotten some oregano seeds and a friend has given me some culantro seeds. I am going to go get some parsley and maybe some marjoram, although I am not sure what did not realize how big rosemary gets, I know huge newbie mistake. Should I wait to fall to move it or move it next spring? It is small right now and now I am afraid of it taking over my garden. I don't mind it getting big I have a huge yard but just don't want it taking over the herb garden. I have to admit you guys have kind of scared me when it comes to mint so I am not sure if I will plant that this year. I already made a mistake with the rosemary I don't want to completely screw up the herb garden. Thanks for the help!

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I already made a mistake with the rosemary I don't want to completely screw up the herb garden.

I like to tell new gardeners that there is an endless supply of second chances in the garden. You can always try again.

Everyone here can share their own failures as well as triumphs. In fact it is our failures that have taught us the most in the garden. So take heart. Don't be afraid. You won't "screw up" your garden. If something is not to your liking or perhaps didn't succeed, change it or try again!

We are always learning in the garden and Thomas Jefferson said that most eloquently with his quote:

"I'm an old man but a young gardener."


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Oh, rosemary! I have a small space near the front door and I put in 2 or 3 little rosemary plants when I bought the house 5 years ago. They got COMPLETELY out of control! However, I'm going to dig them out (or have my much stronger, younger treasure of a yard man do it for me) this year and replace 3 new small rosemary plants in exactly the same place. This time, having learned from my mistakes, I will prune relentlessly. I can see, 4 or 5 years down the road, a neat little rosemary hedge... If that doesn't work, I'll dig it out again and try something else!

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

mgpaquin - instead of going to all that trouble and starting again, how about just ruthlessly cutting back the rosemaries you have already. They will take very hard pruning (I mean use a saw!) and grow back lush and healthy. It would save you time, effort and money.

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