Good time to prune?

GoldfinchGuyJune 11, 2012

I have an indoor hibiscus plant that started from a little cutting over seven years ago. Now its huge. However, it has not flowered once. It gets plenty of sunlight and I keep it watered. I use one of those pots that have the hole near the bottom that you pour water in. I've never pruned or pinched it though.

Being that it is summer, would it be ok to start pruning, or should I do it in fall or early spring ?

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Is there a good reason why you have it indoors? They can be pruned back to help them keep their shape and those cuttings if they are woody can be new starters, You do not say what zone you live in so not able to be of much help. You need to start posting at least your Zone so you can get more help.

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Wally, I have it indoors because I am in zone 5. Sorry I didn't mention this earlier, but I'm not very knowledgable to plants, zones, ect. As you can imagine the winters here can get very cold and planting it outside would just be silly as it would surely die.

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Goldfinch I live in zone 5 too. I only have the one hibiscus, but I take pot and all outside in the spring, it's been outside for a month now and is starting to bloom. It doesn't bloom at all during the winter when I have it inside. This year it didn't need repotting so I just took out half the soil and replaced it with new soil, put it in a semi sunny spot and it put on a flush of new leaves and started to set buds the first two weeks it was outside.

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Fertilizing regularly encourages blooming.

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I would think anyone who have a large plant would have them outside when ever the weather warms over 50 degrees.

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