Need a few plant I.D.s from Kauai...have no guides...I'm lost!

garden_isle_dave(9b)December 20, 2008

If anyone knows what species, genus, family, etc. any of these plants are(in) please let me know! I've asked around and haven't been able to get a straight answer from anyone, looked in a few different guides and online, and haven't had the time to run them into a nursery. Have had all of them, but would like to finally know what they are! Much mahalo in advance!

Large Variation...?

Smaller Variation...?

Was told this was possibly an uncommon one, not sure, are you? Lol.

Odd looking fellah...

Someone told me this is a Bingabing but I don't think it is...

A hibiscus...but the species or common name?

What species of Ixora?

Onto Heliconia...

Last picture...for my favorite Heliconia...Is this "Golden Torch"?

If you know the name of any of this >pleaseAloha for now and hope to hear from ya soon,



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johndp8888(Oahu, Hawaii)

Starting at the top photo as No 1?, 2?, 3 Solandra maxima- or cup of gold, 4?, 5 One of the Brassias, 6?,7?, 8 Hibiscus arnottianus, 9?, 10?, 11 through 15 are all Helliconias. Since these hybredize so readily they are probably hybreds.

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Much mahalo John, really appreciate it! That knocks a few of em off of my list!
Are you sure 3 is a Cup of Gold? The one in my photo is kind of wilted, and it barely covers my hand, I thought the CoG was much it in the same family possibly? There's no stamen protruding from the center either, it looks pretty much like a larger form of the flower in photo 4.

Thanks again for your help!


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1. What's growing nearby ; )
2. Thunbergia Erecta
3. Thought it might be COG myself but the throat markings are wrong, i think. I'll say Allamanda Cathartica, probably 'Henderson'. Really more a vine than a shrub but can be pruned into a shrubby mound.
4. Allamanda Shotti-Smaller flowers, shrubbier habit.
5. Agree with John
6. Jatropha i think, euphorbiaceae family
7. Has this flowered? Do you have a picture?
8. Is it fragrant? Looks a little little like H. Arnottianus but the colors seem too vibrant and the leaves don't look right. Where'd you get it? If it came from a big box store in a 6" pot you might want to search the Monrovia or Proven Winners website for an id.
9. & 10. i don't know ixora myself but i'd be suprised if they can be idenified by flower color alone. Maybe someone else can help you out if you know what size the bushes grow to?
11.& 12. Psittacorum Heliconias-sometimes called Parrot Heliconia. The orange one is the common one. Lots of selected color forms, the yellow one could be 'Sassy' or 'Princess Di'. Horribly invasive.

  1. Looks like a Stricta, maybe Dwarf Jamaican? Should have a dark red midrib if so. Not too aggressive, at least not in my garden where it gets to less than 2 feet tall and blooms pretty much year round. i've seen it get to 4' tall in some other locations.
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johndp8888(Oahu, Hawaii)

Your first plant, the fern looks like Cyrtomium caryotideum or Hawaiian bow fern. See page 68 of "Ferns of Hawaii" by Kathu Valier

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