Hibiscus Burnt/Brown spots

Dee.DiazJune 27, 2013


I am new to gardening and bought a hibiscus kiss n tell and transplated it about a week ago into the ground. I live in south florida so i amended the soil with black cow compost. Since then all the buds have dropped off and a few leaves have burnt/brown spots. Could this be from transplant shock? I checked for pest and could not see any. it gets direct sunlight till late afternoon when its shaded by a near by oak I have not fertilized it, should I? Any help I would greatly appreciate. Thanks.

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From experience this either sun burn or fertilizer burn. Seeing that you only have a few leaves suffering, I might suspect the latter. Transplant stress can cause the bud drop as does the heat. Hibs have specific nutritional needs, and often patience is needed.
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