White Fungus on Hibiscus Buds

cgaertner09June 28, 2013

There is a white fngus that is preventing our hibiscus blooms from forming properly. You can see in the picture the new bud is all shriveled up and not growing properly. This fungus only shows up on the flower buds and leaves on the same stem. Every single bud looks like this and our mild flowering plant spray (BAYER ADVANCED Rose and Flower Insect Killer) is not doing the trick! Please help.

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If it's a fungus will your insect killer work? Maybe you need a fungicide.

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Looks like mealybugs. Imidicloprid is the recommended treatment but it has been linked to bee decline and colony collapse disorder. So please be conscientious if you use the stuff. You can use Bayer Tree and Shrub liquid (Imidicloprid) as a systemic drench or the granules as HVH suggests. A systemic insecticide is absorbed by the whole plant. I'm not sure how long the systemic would be present in the plant, but I would remove blooms for at least 4 weeks so as not to affect any bees.
The attached link has more info on successful eradication. Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Treatment for mealybugs

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I appreciate your help. Looks like we'll try the Bayer Tree & Shrub granules first and then order the HVH Limonene Plant Cleaner to get rid of the rest of the mealybugs.
Hopefully that does the trick, thanks again.

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You're welcome! :-)

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Calvin Ragoonanan

Hibiscuses are quite prone to mealybugs and other pests unfortunately. The use of neem oil as an organic treatment works in some cases.

Here is a link that might be useful: Trini Garden

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