Post-freeze lavender?

remontant(z6B TN)April 11, 2007

I have some Lady lavender from last year that was slowly greening up from winter just as the Southeastern deep freeze (new records set twice at 20 degrees here) set in. Now the new green growth is all drooped over. What's the best thing to do? Cut back the freeze damaged growth only, or whack back the whole plant?

Thanks in advance. :-)

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I am sorry about your poor lavender! I'd wait awhile.. see at what levels the plant recovers at and prune to that point. It's hard, but it's the best thing to do. :o)

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remontant(z6B TN)

OK, thanks! Worst case scenario, I've got some cuttings I started before the freeze and some seedlings have sprouted--if I can keep from killing them (as usual). ::)

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granite(z6 NC)

I'd wait at least a few days before whacking away. Look at the pansies..they can be flat and dead looking after a frost and 3 days later look fresh and nice. Give it a chance first.

I haven't been able to check mine since the freeze. I was in a car crash and have been too stiff and sore to go out in the cold to check on my plants. Hopefully I'll be back in the yard next week.

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remontant(z6B TN)

8-0 Granite, how terrible! Yes, I'm sure the freeze damage is the least of your worries! Take care of yourself.

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I guess I don't understand. My Lavender are evergreen year-round! Their first winter a few were damaged, but since then not a lick. If you find they were seriously damaged cut them just above the newest growth as far down into the shrub as possible. If not too bad, don't worry new growth will fill in nicely. Mine have started getting new growth for about 3 weeks and a freeze wouldn't make a difference. It was 27-31 a few nights in a row since and we'll still get a few 31's-32' here and there before last frost date. Today I pruned a 2.5 x 2.5 overgrown one back to about 8" at the center rounding/shaping as I went ...just above newest growth of course. I have 'Munstead' and 'Vera'. Otherwise a light pruning this time of year is all I do.

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remontant(z6B TN)

Vera, thanks for your reply. I'm going to attach a photo which I hope will better explain--but it's so small I don't know that it will. In our zone, lavenders turn a soft gray in winter. This plant had started to "re-leaf" with new growth to the tips when our five nights of sub-freezing weather hit (actual lows 20 deg. two nights in a row, setting a new record) after three weeks of unusually hot temps (80s!) That freeze-killed growth is now pale brown.
Some new growth is apparent at the base.Do you think I should cut back the whole plant to the base or just keep waiting to see if the freeze-killed brown growth will come back? I have roses and I'm told they will leaf out again after they drop the dead ones.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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