Problem Backyard Slope

ivymlp(5)March 29, 2010

I have a problematic slope in my backyard, I've been living with it for over a year now and still have no idea where to even start with a backyard design. My yard isn't that large to begin with and the slope makes it near impossible to do anything out there.

The yard faces east to west - lowest part in the east. My septic system is somewhere under that hill - they house inspector never did find it...and he and a six foot pole so it's deep.

Any suggestions or ideas? I would really like to make my yard somewhere I could enjoy.

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I'm glad you have a before picture, become the after that will come someday will be really different.

You can't dig deep or plant trees because of the septic lines, but you could structure that slope with a low retaining wall, which will make your yard look way more interesting. Some spilling things along the edge of the wall and you have a lovely picture.

A structure changed in elevation naturally "creates more space". Lots of potential.

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