So disappointed in Canning Session

RuthieG__TX(z8 TX)April 19, 2011

My kale came in with a bang this year and I was determined to can some this year since I always just freeze it. We actually like the taste of canned greens so I wanted to do it just for variety because I will surely freeze some as well. I carefully read the process to make sure I did it right and was feeling all smug about the whole process. Everything went like clock work, didn't forget a single thing like salt in the jars etc etc.......I was surprised that I managed to get the pressure regulated so quickly and was expecting to sit and admire my newly jarred/canned kale.

What really happened was a lot of siphoning. Probably more than I have ever had. One jar was nearly half empty and now I am just feeling so defeated, like I will never get it right. I just recently told some one not to give up, keep at it and now I'm pulling out my hair...sigh....

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Oh, how disappointing! I just hate a project that does't turn out like I planned.

You're hardly a novice, do you have any idea what happened?

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Sorry to hear that Ruthie but if it is any comfort we had had the same problems when doing spinach and chard until we started cooking it more before jarring. Just blanching until wilted always seemed to result in lots of liquid loss - still ok but looks yucky - but actively boiling it until well wilted sure seems to work better.

I'm not sure if it is from the liquid being absorbed or actual siphoning but I'm guessing the former since the better cooked greens just don't absorb so much.

Don't pull the hair out - at our ages we have little enough of it anyway! :)


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jill2761(Southeast Texas)

I had the same problem with the blanched greens. I thought I had not regulated the process properly. I had canned an earlier batch that were cooked longer prior to canning, and they didn't siphon. Maybe it wasn't me or my process after all. Great forum to provide feedback on what we're doing. The voices of experience sure helps.

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It will be a while before I have any greens to can so I'm very glad to see this problem discussed. Now I'll know how to can them. Sorry for your disappointment, Ruthie. Hopefully you'll have more kale and can do more canning of it.

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RuthieG__TX(z8 TX)

Do you all think I should just open the jars and freeze the kale or just try to use it pretty fast. We love kale so that probably wouldn't be an issue except that I am going to have fresh kale from the garden to use. It's that first big flush that gives me plenty to can...........what say all ye experts, freeze it or leave it.....

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I normally freeze my kale , but was thinking of canning some this week . How does canned taste compared to frozen ?

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jill2761(Southeast Texas)

I don't think I've canned any kale, but I have canned other greens (turnip greens and collards) and love them. I can't imagine it being much different. In regular cooking, I like them simmered a long time anyway, so pressure canning turned them out perfectly for me. I also freeze a lot of my cooked greens and like them just as well. Just depends on whether I have freezer space. I don't recall processing times, but I followed the instructions in one of the Ball books or So Easy to Preserve.

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