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xhalestarz(8)March 26, 2010

Nothing good is ever cheap AND easy, but I'd like to be as close as possible.

We have a small slope in our backyard, rises only 3-4 feet(it itself is about 5 feet), but it extends quite aways. You can get up it fairly easily, but it isn't exactly walking. We need 2-3 steps, but I guess it could have more. There is another way up it, but it's about 60 feet long and the way up is at the end of those 60 feet. We're about to plant it, so we want to add a second way. Hopefully that all makes sense.

Do you have any suggestions for what we should do - I don't want it to be TOO intensive, my husband agrees it should be done, but is more doing it for me. I'll help as I can, but we've got three kids - the oldest turned three in January and the youngest is almost two months, so I'm not a ton of help right now.

Thanks very much!

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With three little kids, it seems like you could have some fun with some steps for climbing and jumping. If you go straight up, making the bottom step broader than the top exaggerates the rise, adding drama and making it into an instant focal point. Do you live in an area where you might find some free stone? Fun to work with, always looks good. Or, you could frame the steps with big landscaping timbers held in place with rebar stakes, and then fill the treads with pea gravel.

As long as you start at the bottom and work your way up, 3-4 steps is a very doable project.

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