Drainage Easement

TectrixMarch 31, 2011

My house backs up to a drainage easement (ditch) that I have to maintain. It is approximately 150' x 30' and filled with weeds. It floods back there about 2 or 3 times a year which brings lots of debris from up stream that I have to clean up before I can mow again. There is new construction going on around my area which turns into a rat/mouse issue as well. Also I have an erosion issue with that area. I am needing ideas of what to do with that area. I cant see it unless I open the gate to go back there. I don't want to have to mow it anymore. I was thinking of planting some ground cover but that would just attract rats and snakes to live in. I spoke with the town and they will pretty much let me do what I want accept change the flow of water. The hill faces east, so it gets the morning sun. My sprinklers do not water back there so it gets really dry during the hot Texas summer months.

Bottom line:

1. Erosion issue

2. Rodent issue

3. Flood issue

4. Low to no maintenance

5. As cheap as possible.

Thank you

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Buffalo Grass? It's a native bunch grass that's drought tolerant and can be left unmowed. Daylilies could work, too.

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In your situation, and only in your situation, I would plant willows.
Look up on the internet for willow trees that will grow in your zone.
You will get occasional rain, and it will really help with the flooding. BIG TIME. They soak water up like a sponge.
You don't have to maintain them at all.
As for the rodents, you could get a cat, sorry no answer for mice, I am scared to death of mice. Mice and snakes. Ugh!

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