Pictures: HELP - landscaping/hardscaping on a hill

tom8olvr(Z5 MA)April 17, 2008

I'm so glad to have found you!! I'm looking for help with

my hill! I've recently moved to a new house 1.5 years ago.

I thought I'd wait to tackle the hill out back, but it's

driving me to drink (like I need another excuse). So, I'm

wanting to give this hill area out back some functionality.

Ok, it's useless now - I use it as a nursery for plants that I

don't know what to do with. The previous owner used it for

junk - concrete block, etc. THe hill is not that BAD, but

we entertain a lot and I'd like some function to the area...

like may be a natural rock retaining wall with a patio for

a table and chairs? Or natural rock retaining wall with

granite steps going down to the water and flower beds/plantings?

I'm really at a loss with trying to think about the hardscaping

for this area... Anyone Ideas??

Ok, here's the hill from the bottom. Previous owner put

rocks all over this hill -whilly nilly... We own about 10-12

feet BEYOND the rocks in this picture. As you can see, I'm

in DEEP shade (and I'm happy about it). WE have approx 12

mature oaks out back and approx 12 in the front. I'm on .33


Hill from the bottom again:

Hill again from the bottom: (shows ground cover):

Close up of ground cover:

Whole back yard from bottom (from water):

Hill from the side (on "patio" under deck):

Hill from the side (on patio) showing BAD stairs:

hill in the summertime:

Front yard in summer:

Front yard now:

Anyone any ideas for that hill???

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lovelycherry(Z7 Long Island)

I think your hill is great. I like the rocks where they are. Ok the odd pieces of concrete can be moved. I like the odd star shaped ones and would probably use them for something.
a woodland garden would be great in that spot. Are deer a problem? Looks like they might be.
Would really like to see daffodils snowdrops and other spring bulbs coming up (no tulips) in that space, you cand add a bit every year in groups. In spring you will have sun because you dont have leaves on the trees, so the bulbs will come up. Then big leaved Hosta , some are fragrant with nice flowers. The newer varieties are slug resistant. Astible, even a rhodie or two nicely placed. The rocks are really nice. Look at some pictures of Rock Gardens it may help you appreciate them more.
I'll trade you my nasty eroding slope any day for your lovely woodland spot.
( wink)

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You might want to replace those timber stairs since they appear to be on their way out. Otherwise, I think your hill is pretty good as is. You could try some shade-tolerant woodland plants to liven things up (virginia bluebells, dutchmen's breeches, blood root, etc.). Is that lovely water fresh or saltwater?

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I read something about hellebores the other day and thought about your post. The article said that they look great on a hill where you can look up at them (since their blooms hang down) . They are kinda expensive but long blooming and bulletproof.

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tom8olvr(Z5 MA)

We decided to build a terace - stone wall on top with a patio
and another stone wall. I think we will use the space more
so this way.
Thanks all for advice!

I'll try and post pictures when it's all done.

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Looks good.

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The pictures are really beautiful.


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mary_pnw_7b(Oly WA z7b)

I would love to see some pictures of the project completed. We have a very similar hilside that slopes down to a lake. It is a little steeper and a lot wider though and we are trying to not spend a fortune on it. If anyone else out there has pictures of landscaped slopes I would love to see them. I tend to lean towards natural rock and am seriously considering dwarf conifers mixed with blooming shrubs. At least that is the plan this week!

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Your hill garden is beautiful. I can't wait to see the photo when its all done.

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That stone really ties the house to the yard!! Looks great & such pretty stone with the blue cast to it same as house. You said another wall also, that will just enhance the look even more. Might even border that bed in front with those stones either loose or cemented in with mow edge for ease in mowing.Looking forward to final pics!!

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