Rose of Sharon - how to dry for tea??

dzr4(7)June 25, 2013

I want to dry my Rose of Sharon flowers but I'm not sure when or what part.

Do I do it before they open? while open? or after they're done blooming?

While they're open the pistil is all covered in pollen - seems like that would be weird to have in tea... Attached is a picture of what they are dropping after they bloom.

I have searched for this info - most sites just say use flowers fresh but I want to dry them... It's different than for regular Hibiscus (this page is great if you're looking for that info: )

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You can use them when they are blooming or when they have just finished blooming. The buds are too strong. Best to use them fresh, because they lose a little flavor when they are dried, but just leave them in a warm, dry place with no insects to dry them. Putting them on a screen is best, covered with cheesecloths to keep insects out. You can only use the petals, and only if they have not been treated with pesticides or liquid fertilizers.

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Wow, Kasima and Dzr4. I had no idea. What does Rose of Sharon tea taste like in your opinions?

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I haven't made it yet - will report back soon!

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