Blooms from the past week

shive(6b TN)July 28, 2012

There are still a few blooming that will make it into August.

WHEEL OF TIME, blooming late for some reason, just put up another scape.

PATSY CLINE has a few more buds left to go on this rebloom scape.

JEANNE DEAVER'S DREAM has a second rebloom scape that hasn't started yet.

ONCE UPON A TIME has several buds yet to bloom.

RASPBERRY TWIZZLER has a couple more buds.

FINAL TOUCH has several scapes with buds. Most have stopped bud building though.

STEALTH BOMBER had its last rebloom flower yesterday.

Seedling Into the Mystic X Symphony of Praise also had its last rebloom flower yesterday.

Late bloomer Dust Be Diamonds X Tuxedo Junction stopped bud building at 20 buds on one scape. The other scape has 22 buds and appears to still be building.

Zuzu thinks I pulled this grass out of the seedling bed just for him. He loves to roll and play in the dry grass, or just lay on it.


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You sure have some nice blooms for so late in the season, my favorite is Wheel Of Time. Zuzu sure looks comfortable in her grass bed.

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shive(6b TN)

Thanks Linda! I'm just glad Wheel of Time decided to bloom this year.


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Wheel Of Time has such beautiful coloring and pattern--always a fan of Once Upon A Time and Stealth Bomber. Our Final Touch is blooming, just a small flower, but it has 3 rebloom scapes, a real surprise to us. I love both your seedlings, and naturally cats are No.#1. That is such a neat photo of Zuzu, looks quite contented in the grass. Avedon

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shive(6b TN)

Avedon - I've never gotten rebloom on Final Touch, so I'm impressed that you have it. FT is always one of the last ones blooming here in August, and sometimes into September.


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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Zuzu has a nice comfy place to play there! Cats are so funny how they pick out their favorite spots.

I am glad your daylilies are still holding out. I like PATSY CLINE the best again. Lovely daylily.

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I really like your seedling- very simple but a hard worker. My favorite!

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Wheel of time is such a pretty bloom. Mine didn't bloom this year.

Stealth Bomber is always such a beauty! Zuzu is adorable, and the seedling is such a pretty color.

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mizellie(z7 Al)

jeanne Deavers Dream is my favorite here. Love the seedlings though. Stealth Bomber looks lucious and I love that one too! Zuzu looks like she is hunting from the bed of grass. She must have her eye on something by the look in her eyes. Ellie

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shive(6b TN)

Rita, Dani, Kay and Ellie - Thanks for your comments. Zuzu is the only one of the cats who gets involved with the grass piles. Unfortunately he spreads the grass out, and drags it all over the place.


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Zuzu is a beauty. I wish my garden pests would act more like yours. Bosco likes to jump on my shoulders while I'm weeding, which can make a tough job even more difficult.

There's nothing here I don't covet. JDD looks amazing, as does Patsy Cline. How many times have I commented on that one? I don't remember seeing Once Upon a Time. It has such delicate coloring. How does it hold up during the day? Raspberry Twizzler and Stealth Bomber both look great. I hope some day my Stealth Bomber grows up to look like yours.

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Nancy zone 6

You still have lots of beautiful daylilies blooming, I especially love Stealth Bomber. Raspberry Twizzler is really nice too, love the usual ones like that. Zuzu has personality, I bet he is fun to watch even if it can be a bit annoying :) One of my cats used to "help" me weed by trying to nap on my back. He hasn't done that this year.

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