Anyone heard of japanese lantern hibiscus?

TheSunRoomGardenerJune 27, 2012

If you haven't should def. go type it into google images right now and be amazed. Anyway, I ended up buying one online recently but it doesn't have any blooms yet. It's still pretty young, but I'm wondering if anyone knows how I could make it bloom faster? If I should be fertilizing it, what's the best fertilizer to use? I can't wait to have those gorgeous flowers all to myself!

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Oh my goodness they are WONDERFUL!!! Too bad they don't grow in my zone, wonder how well they over winter in the house? AS IF I had any more room to overwinter plants, HAHA
thank you for sharing with us
Sharon Cash
Zone 7

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I have several and they winter over in the house fine. Just try and keep the cats away from them.

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That's schizopetalus. Nice species, I've had it before, but have never heard it called Japanese lantern before.

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Thanks for asking about that hibiscus.
I knew mine was different, never saw one like this before, I got it for Mother's Day because I always wanted an orange hibiscus, it looks like a poodle flower.

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We bought one a few years back, we just called the double blooms. They start double in the morning hours and extend out to be almost 2 blooms during the hot sunny hours and draw back into a double during the evening hours. Ours was a peach and coral color. I have seen some with a single color bloom but love the multi-colors the best. They use to sell them here as a small plant but have gotten greedy and now they only want to sell the $35+ size which for my budget is too high as I have no problems getting them to grow to the $35+ size in a hurry.

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