Help for Rose of Sharon

gmom2-6boysJune 25, 2008

I have 2 Rose of Sharon trees and they have never came to a full bloom. The bud starts to form then turns yellow and falls off. What am I doing wrong. Do they need a bloom inhancer? Please help.


Mich Z-4-5

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can't answer your question without this info,
what zone are you in?
do you know the cultivar of your Rose of Sharon? what kind it is?
How much sun does it get? at least 6 hours of full sun?
How old are they? How many years has it been since they haven't bloomed?
Have they ever bloomed?
Sorry, it will help everyone here help you.

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More info for the Rose of Sharon: I live in Michigan, Zone 4-5. I do not know the cultiver of Rose of Sharon. They were given to me by a neighbor who bought them in bulk. I see very few, if any, of his anywhere. I would guess about 4-5 hours of sun. They are about 5 years old and have never bloomed. They are about 3' high. I hope this is good info.

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