hibs have very small flowers

lee48(5)June 9, 2007

my hibiscus flowers look like the flowers on pepper plants, the stems are a darker color than when i first planted it 2 years ago. last year the flowers were small and in the fall orange pods grew that resembled japanese lantern. this year they are flowering the same way except one smaller plant that has the lighter colored stem .i ripped them all up except this one which hasn't flowered yet. does anyone know why this is happening? what happened to my big beautiful flowers?

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Lee, we're discussing hardy hibs not tropicals right?
That is weird, either way..are you sure some other plant didnt take over?

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watergal(z6/7 Westminster, MD)

It's possible that the original plants died off, and what you have are seedlings that did not breed true.

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i think i found what it was. looking in a book i found chinese lantern and it looks like that with trailing roots that ifound when pulling them out. don't know how they got there never planted them.

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