Rose of Sharon Spacing?

disneynut1977(5b, Sunset zone 42)June 6, 2008

I have 9 3yr old seedlings I started from seed myself, seed was from a robin egg blue color. I also have 9 seedlings maybe 2 yrs from somebody elses yard, unsure of color. I wanted to put them along my fence in back to form a privacy hedge over time. They will be getting about 6-8 hours direct sun. All of them are only single sticks with leaves. I was thinking grouping them into 3 plants forming a triangle, each plant a foot apart and each group 5 feet apart? Does this make sense?


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I would think if I was planting a simple hedge, based on mature size, I would space each plant about 5 feet apart. (My sense of scale is extremely impaired when I'm working with itty bitty plants.) I always plant them too close.

However, if you are able to imagine the full size and you feel comfortable with it, then go ahead. They are pretty easy plants and do OK even if they are a bit overcrowded. They also can tolerate considerable pruning. So there is no set rule about spacing. The spacing of 5 feet is simply a guide for mature spread etc.

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gansn(z7 AL)

I have 3 Rose of sharon placed in a triangle, each aout 4 feet from the next. They are probably 15 years old, and their branches all run into each other. If you don't mind them touching, 4 feet is enough, but I would think that 1 foot apart is much too close

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