Anderson Crepe Hybiscus

Lesleybird(8B or 9 Houston)June 25, 2006


I am trying to find out if the Anderson Crepe Hybiscus is a tropical one for only zones 9 and 10 minimum, or is it one that is heardy from zones about 4-10? I live in zone 8B in Houston and most tropical hybiscus dies back to the ground every year.....except for last winter we didn't really have a good freeze and they didn't die back. Our neighbor has a red one that is 8 feet tall this year because there was not much of a freeze. I saw the Anderson Crepe one in Jamacia last week and wanted one to remind me of Jamacia. The ones at our garden centers are all on a 4 foot single 1 1/2" tree trunk with branches at the top. Does anyone grow these? Thanks, Lesley in Houston

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I live in Houston. I have been growing them for over 8 years. Unfortunately, this year freeze has taken its toll on the one that was about 8 years old. It did okay on the first freeze, but the second freeze killed it. I believe because I did not water it the night before and did not hose down the frost the next day. Good luck. They are beautiful and I did get it to look like an umbrella tree. I do have a picture of it if you want me to send you one.

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I am a Floridian that brought back six cuttings about 6-7 years ago to College Station, TX. I have several potted Anderson Crepes from 1-7 years old. Every year a pot a few more. I would not plant my tropicals in this part of Texas, as it's too dry with poor water qulaity, and too hot at times. I keep mine in partial shade, and use rain water to water them. As I also grow orchids, I capture pleny of rain water (when it does rain).

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