Steep, rocky large backyard a disaster

jcc321July 19, 2014

I have a large backyard that has a few fruit trees but is mostly full of weeds including the very tough licorice root and poison oak. It is sloped away from the house (good) but is steep and has rocky soil. Our (rental) neighbors yard overgrows into our backyard (poison oak, Scotch broom, blackberries, and what appears to be a hybrid pyracantha/apple bush (I know it sounds crazy but it looks like an apple tree/bush with large long thorns and grows in shoots and branches.) A royal mess and a shame since it could be a pleasant place to hang out. HELP!!! How do we get rid of the licorice and poison oak and weeds once and for all. Then... creative ideas are welcome. Thank you so much - this is an ongoing battle between land and man.

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Pic please.

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mikebotann(8a SE of Seattle)

Yes, a picture would help you get some replies.
Your 'apple' with thorns could be a Quince.
Whatever you do, start a path at the bottom and work up. You don't have to bend over as far. You might be able to make a 'retreat' down there somewhere.
Work with the rocks instead of thinking of them as a hindrance. Rocks can be used to shore up the lower side of the path and also hold up the soil on the upper side. Also, you can build natural looking rock outcroppings which gives an added dimension to your slope. If rock outcroppings are already there, enhance them by exposing as much rock as possible. Some very fine gardens have been made from rock quarries.
Here's what I did on a moderate slope in my garden with purchased quarry rock.
Click on the picture for more.

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