Steep clay Slope with Honeysuckle!!

spatialJuly 27, 2008

Looking for some suggestions on how to deal with a very steep slope 15-25' tall, with primarily clay soil. There is alot of pesky Japanese Honeysuckle growing on it. We have planted 4 trees (fruit and such). The slope is on a North facing slope so in winter gets little to no light and in summer it gets a good bit of sun.

We would love to just landscape it with wonderful plants for beauty, but how would we get completely rid of the honeysuckle?

If we went for a groundcover like blue rug juniper or other (instead of the nice landscaping), will it smother out the honeysuckle? Or any suggestion on a plant(s) that would smother it out would be wonderful!

Help! Help!

Thank you!

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Nothing will smother the honeysuckle. About the only thing that seems to work on japanese honeysuckle is herbicide. You will probably need some follow up treatments here and there.

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goodbyekitty(Zone 6 Wa/Sunset 3)

If you planted fruit trees, that means you're able to climb up and down the slope? My local gardening center recommended honeysuckle because the roots run deep and holds the soil together. Which may be why you have honeysuckle growing there?

But my slope is very steep. It's also about 25' tall but at a 45 degree angle. It's not easy getting up and down our slope. So I planted honeysuckle and more juniper in the bare spots because I don't want to be trimming, deadheading, or picking fruit there. But I do want something to hold the soil together.

Whats wrong with honeysuckle? It smells wonderful! But I like privets too, so what do I know?

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