Hillside trees.

tankshillJuly 8, 2007

Wow it has been so long since I have visited Garden Web. I sure missed you guys. I stumbled across this forum in search of hillside trees. We have a very dry full sun 2 to 1 slope that needs help. We cut the entire hill away when building our home. I hated to do it, but living on a hill, we needed a yard for the kids. There is little loam and a ton of DG and rock. I was trying to figure out the easyest way to plant trees. I hate planting anything that does not produce edible fruits or nusts, but in this case anything with shade is welcome. the only thing growing there now is what nature put there. Tall grasses with those cat tails and some scrub oaks. I caught a post that mentioned something called a "willow steak". Dormant tree shoved in ground the grows by it's self. Is this true? Digging holes on the hillside is allmost impossible. This might solve my problems. Can anyone help me here? Thanks Gina

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I planted willow stakes into a stream bed when they were dormant in March and they are now growing quite fast. There are other types of trees you can also start as stakes. I bought mine from www.ernstseed.com which is located in PA.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ernst Conservation Seeds

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