New home purchase: Sloped backyard

JeeveAugust 10, 2014

Hi, we are considering buying our first home and found one that has a sloped backyard. It is neither towards or away from the home, but from one side to another.

The backyard is about 70 feet wide and 45 feet long. The grade is ~ 1/20 (3.5 feet drop over 70 feet width). There is a storm drain about 70ft away from the rear of the home. This also has a walk-out basement at the end which is lower.

1. What are the potential issues with such a yard. I am thinking about issues with kids playing with a ball/soccer etc, mowing .. any others?

2. Is there a way to fix this issue. I am thinking of issues like permits, issues with neighbors (water has to go somewhere). What would it cost?

3. Would you personally buy such a home?

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I have a nightmare sloped backyard and would be open to suggestions? It's shade in the afternoon we have found that it was covered with poison ivy so have sprayed for that knowing that the oil is still there but with fall coming hoping someone might have a great idea of what I can do with this eye sore. My neighbor has the same situation but spends thousands of dollars to have the slope leveled and rocked and is beautiful but we are a young couple with young children and don't have the funds or the time. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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What about something like monkey/mondo grass. I have it growing on my blocks out weeds pretty much 100%, stays a uniform height, and doesn't need mowed. Adds stability to soil from what I've been reading too. I want to try and add more to my hill as only about half is covered with it. This picture shows my hill. The grass at the top is what I'm talking about. At the bottom of the hill you can probably see all the tall grass/weeds I've been clearing out where there's no monkey grass growing.

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