Mahogany Splendor

wally_1936(8b)July 8, 2013

Darrel, again I thank you for the Mahogany Splendor Hibiscus you sent me. They are strange plants. I have been pruning them for new starts and the thing I found is unlike other plants that the plant can wilt. This plant just loses leaves instead. At first I thought it was dying but found this is its way and it stays very healthy without any wilt like other plants when transplanted. I also like the green the leaves get when it does not get enough sun. I had pruned back the one I placed where it gets morning sun. This plant does not wilt. The one I have in the back wilts each day during the heat of the day but recovers each evening. When it cools down I expect to be pruning this plant also. So far I have not found anyone who does not love this plant so I am preparing just in case. If not then I will have a lot more plants for my yard.

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Wally and Darren,
This plant out of control. I already need to re-pot again as the beast is already 4+ feet tall.

I have cuttings ready for shipping. Just want to make sure you will be there for receipt.

Do you need any Tropicals?

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The botanical name is Hibiscus Acetosella.

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Love the color of those leaves Ed, most unusual. What's the name of the purple flower one on the right of the pic?


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That is 'Plum Crazy', an Hib. Moscheutos

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Ed thanks for the offer but I have very limited space. I do love your posts beautiful plants you are an artist with hibiscus.

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