should I plant a hibiscus in this location?

missylin(9b)July 14, 2013

I have been given differing opinions from nurseries on what to do, and was glad to find this forum. I live in zone 9b in Florida. On the rather narrow bed on south side of my house I had a row of hibiscus and 2 other scrubs. The shrubs were taken out last month and one hibiscus which was very old was also taken out. These were the three closest shrubs to the front yard, so most easily seen. On the spot closest to the front of the house (still on the side though) I wanted to plant a seminole pink hibiscus. My favorite local nursery suggested that a Seminole pink likes to get too tall and for that spot I would be better off with a more compact type of shrub so that my other hibiscus could be more easily seen. And also I would prefer not such a tall shape there, but a more rounded shape. Today I was looking for more varieties of Hibiscus at two other nurseries. Seems they all have about the same ones. The one nursery said I could prune the Seminole pink to keep it in the shape I wanted. So I bought it. now I think I made a mistake. What I want is a compact shrub that I can keep in sort of a roundish shape no more than 5 feet high or so. But I want big showy flowers that you can see far away because that side of the house is mainly seen from the street or front yard, even by me. Suggestions? Should I return the seminole pink? Help! I need to decide soon as it needs to go into the ground or be returned. Thank you so much.

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Seminole Pink is a very early hybrid and a easy to maintain performer. Others like President, Red Dragon, White Wings, Brilliant, and Butterfly, fall in this category. Below are items of note:

- Ease of care.
It takes a lot of neglect or over-care to kill one. Great for beginners or busy people. Bonus!

I have actually seen these plants as trees. The St. Louis Botanical gardens has a few early hybrids that are over 25 foot tall. It took me a few minutes to find the 'Butterfly' they listed, before I realized the lowest bloom was 6 foot above me. Yay!

-"Spindly Appearance"
These hybrids have a "thinner" appearance. Regardless of pruning, it is difficult to keep them from having long thin branches.

-Multiple Blooms
These plants are prolific bloomers. One of my Brilliants produces more flowers daily than any others I have.

Hope this helps,

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thank you Ed. I think Seminole pink will be too large for the spot where I need something, but will be great in the back of my back yard. I don't think any hibiscus is going to work in the location where I need something right now. I need something that is more compact. Next year I will have to replace something else we just removed. I will need to plant something further back in this flower bed (closer to the back of the house). it will be between the air conditioner and another Hibiscus. Will Hula Girl work? . It will need something that will not get very tall and be a compact not spindly grower. (and easy- as this side of my house is not one I spend a lot of time on. The plant I will put there will need to be under 5 feet or so tall. If this will not work, I might just put a drawf oleander there. But I'd love Hula Girl if it's an "easy to maintain" performer as you said Seminole Pink is. Thank you so much.

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