gloria_j(z8tx)July 7, 2007

is hollyhock considered a hibiscus?

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halaeva(z6 Toronto)

It is not.

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Hi,no hollyhock,is not considered a hibiscus.But it sure is pretty.But I do have hollyhock seeds to trade.

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thanks for the answer...sorry for the dumb questions but what is it if it is not a hibiscus?

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Hollyhocks are Alcea rosea.

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Gloria, you need to describe the plant..
The closest plant to Hibiscus is Rose of Sharon..
If you have a picture that would help..
If not, can you give a general description? Toni

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thanks katy for the answer, i argued with a friend that hollyhocks were from the hibiscus family, therefore easy to root from cutting ..guess i lost the arguement

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Hollyhocks are a cousin to hibiscus. They are related, just very distantly. Okra, hollyhocks, cotton and hibiscus are all in there together as well as Abutilon (flowering maple).

I've never started hollyhocks from cuttings, but clump divisions seem to work well. I chopped the heck out of part of a large grouping of hollyhocks two years ago when I extended the driveway and ended up spreading them all over kingdom come with the bobcat. We had a straight wall of hollyhocks blooming last year, all along the side of the drive as a result. They all set seed and died, now I've had to add hollyhocks to the growing list of plants to treat as weeds, lol.


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Dan, what part of the world are you in? The reason I ask is, I'm in IL and Hollyhocks are hardy here..they'll grow for yrs, IF..those darn squirrels don't eat them..and they manage to find certain plants yrly..including 2 different colored hollyhocks growing in my yard..
They also go for tulips, glads, and many more bulb/corm plants.
Not to mention tropicals..including an Avacado I started from a pit..they ate plant and pit..which btw, is toxic..They've also helped themselves to a number of Christmas cactus I set outside..

Well, surprise surprise..didnt know hollyhocks and hibs were related..Gloria, that means u won the bet..yeah for you. If your friend has doubts, check type in states the name Malvaceae like Hibs...Toni

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By the way- Rose of Sharon IS a hibiscus!!!

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Hello Toni,
Sorry I missed your reply. I'm not always able to remember where I've been, lol.

I do know I'm in Missouri now though. It's been a while since I actually read about hollyhocks, most of my knowledge regards how it does in central California, where we moved from three years ago. In Sacramento, CA, it acts more like a biennial or short lived perennial. Since we've been here in MO, I haven't noticed whether individual plants were sticking around, or if they were the freely growing seedlings that were keeping things going. Not sure, but a very large portion of our hollyhock population did die out this year just shortly after finishing it's flowering cycle. It looks like some sort of rust disease got in to the root-crown, or perhaps it's some sort of bore. Haven't looked all that closely really, just made passing observations. About the only thing I've done with mine was to hack out any and all white flowering ones before their pollen could be transferred. I like the dark pinkish red ones.

Perhaps I should pay closer attention to which plants are sticking around from year to year, lol. I guess I just never noticed... At least I haven't had to deal with squirrels eating mine, our tree rats stay in the woods mostly.

Lmbo, yes... Gloria won the bet!

Take care all,

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