Hibiscus stopped blooming

LizMartin47July 14, 2014

After 3 years my two large potted hibiscus stopped blooming after feeding them high nitrogen food several times. Here is what is different this year:
1. I bought some larger clay pots and set the large plastic pots inside. They do not touch the bottom of the clay pots because the rim of the plastic was larger so the are sort of suspended inside the clay pots which have a hole for drainage.
2. They are getting plenty of sun but slightly less than previously. Remember it gets to 100f here in Dallas area. I water in the high heat every morning and they are lush and green. But no flowers. Fertilize weekly with either boggie food from Callaways or miracle grow.

Should I move them, take them out of the clay pots or trim their roots??????

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you might try more potassium? HVH recommends lots of potassium for help blooming. and out of curiousity - with the pot in a pot theory is the temp between the pots hotter or cooler than previously? just a thought i had.

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evilscott(USDA=10, Sunset=24)

Most plants will put blooms on hold when they are hit with high N fertilizer in order to grow the green parts.
You want low N high P (phosphorous).

Stop fertilizing.
Stop watering everyday.
Water in the morning if the leaves are wilting in the morning (not afternoon).

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