Hibiscus Health Issues - No Blooms

CoderDanJuly 25, 2014

I'm new to 'gardening' ..

I've recently moved into a house that has "new" landscaping - including a hibiscus plant (not sure what type.) The plant has never bloomed that much - the most I've had was 5 at a time (my neighbor has 20+).

A few weeks ago I noticed that some branches were bare, there were some white spots on the leaves and that the plant was covered in ants.

I tried to spray it with soapy water for a few days, but that didn't do anything. I then tried 3 in 1 plant spray which seemed to do the trick on the spots and the bare branches started to have leaves again. There were still ants but not as many.

I noticed over the last week that there were always a handful of yellow leaves. Between that and the fact that the plant doesnt bloom that much, I figured it needed fertilizing. I used Bayer Advanced 2 in 1 rose and flower care (http://www.bayeradvanced.com/rose-flower-care/products/2-in-1-systemic-rose-flower-care) and now I don't have any blooms (and the leaves are still yellow).


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A closer look at the leaves.

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Are the plants in the background suppose to have yellow leaves like that too? Just wondering.
Just make sure it is well watered. They love water.
You had aphids on your hibisucs, the ants are always around when you get those, I just water mine, and every other week I use Miracle Grow on my hibiscus.
You have applied a fertilizer already, so I wouldn't fertilize again for a while, read on the label when you can feed again.
If those plants that are in back of the hibiscus aren't suppose to be variegated, you might have a soil problem.
In that case, you may want to have your soil tested right in that spot in front of your house.
Most garden centers sell soil testers, or you could ask at a real nursery where you can send a sample away to be tested. Most private nurseries have knowledgable people on staff that can help you, and they know the soil problems right in your area.

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Thanks for the response.

The plants in the background are supposed to be yellow / green striped.

We get pretty good rain storms daily here (in Central Florida), and I irrigate twice a week - so I think it's getting enough water.

I haven't touched the hibiscus since I posted last and today I woke up to 3 blossoms (yay)!

I'll try the bi-monthly miracle grow as you suggested and if it starts to look peaked again, I'll get the soil tested.

Thanks again!

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evilscott(USDA=10, Sunset=24)

Where are you located Coder?

It kind of looks like salt damage. It could be the soil and or water. The synthetic fertilizers you use also contain LOTS of salts. Try an organic fertilizer instead. Flood the area good and long once now to leach the salts out of the soil.

Get rid of the ants with a boric acid-based bait.

NEVER use those systemic insecticides on flowering plants as you will kill the bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.

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