Thursday Cool Down

mantis__ohJuly 24, 2014

Cooled down but missed the rain. Had to water today to refresh some plants parched by heat earlier this week.

Clarity of Vision has a striking bluish purple eye.

Rambunctious Rosie showed its striking green throat:

Jeanne Deaver's Dream took a better picture than reality:

Sweeping Shadows is a newer plant:

Heron's Cove has a bluish eye in early morning, changing to more reddish purple:

Flying Trapeze has had lots of flowers. Moldovan vigor:

This Noid is putting on a nice later display. Could it be a Sellers?

Krakatoa Lava has a bud count of 20 and greater (by the neighbor's compost pile, which really stunk this morning):

Shooter's old Tears of Love looked very good today:

Band Shell (an old Sellers):

Belle Cook from a few days back:

The blossoms of Be Here Now seem to float:

Earnest Yearwood is beginning to bloom, and always reblooms afterwards:

Symphony of Praise new here:

Dixieland Band is cute and bright:

Camino Real:

The old Jean Swann:

Victorian Lace on right with Snowflake Empress:

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Mantis, as always you have many beautiful phots of your lovely blooms. I especially like Clarity of Vision and Flying Trapeze which is a favorite of mine. I really like the contrast and the bright red of Dixieland Band. The bright colors in Camino Real are the kind of thing I like too.


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njmomma(z6 NJ)

lovely all over! Everything looks desirable to me!

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Your pink noid is pretty, but I'm not familiar with any Sellers pinks, only purple. How does Flying Trapeze do for you? I've been tempted by that one because of its unique form. Love the white duo in the last pic.

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Chris, Flying Trapeze is a vigorous grower.

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shive(6b TN)

There are so many nice ones here that I can't pick a favorite. Belle Cook is showing exquisite pink color and form. Clarity of Vision has one of my favorite color combinations. Krakatoa Lava is bright, beautiful, and nicely budded. It must like being next to the compost pile. Victorian Lace and Snowflake Empress are impressive near whites. I love the look of the Be Thine Now clump, but I'm wondering about the name. Be Thine is lavender, and this flower is yellow. Could it be Be Here Now? Jeanne Deaver's Dream looks great to me. How is it not picture perfect? Symphony of Praise looks lovely. I am glad to see you added it.


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yes, Be Here Now. Jean Deaver looks small in reality, edge not prominent, color not rich. But these are first blooms on a new plant.

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Great selection on Thursday! And.. most of them are favorites :) But I have to mention a beautiful purple - Jeanne Deaver's Dream, beautiful whites in the last photo, also very bright and noticeable Dixieland Band, and I even like a double - Sweeping Shadows :)

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twixanddud(z5/6 SE Mich)

Beautiful group! My picks would be Clarity of Vision, Flying Trapeze and Dixieland Band.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

WOW!!!!!! so many beautiful photos today. Makes the heart go faster. loveJEANNE DEAVER'S DREAM and that NOID is a beauty, too.sure looks like KRAKATOA LAVA sure likes that compost pile. Just love BELLE COOK, that's a real beauty as well as CAMINO REAL,and that's a marvelous photo of VICTORIAN LACE andSNOWFLAKE EMPEROUS. 2 beautiful blooms together. Thank you for this great show.


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