Pickling cukes

Thr1ceup0natime(7)April 12, 2013

Hi! I've never done any kind of canned veggies/fruits before so I figured I needed some help. I bought the burpee pickler hybrid and some ms.wages fast dill pickle mix for my first time. It says the pickles are edible after 24 hours but in order to fully get the flavor , what's the longest I can leave the cukes in the juice after canning until I can't eat them anymore? What time is best? Thanks!

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dgkritch(Z8 OR)

If your pickles have been processed properly, they'll technically last indefinitely. However, after a year or so, they will suffer textural change (softening) and possibly darkening, depending on storage conditions. They will still be safe to eat though.
Normally, the recommendation is to wait 4-6 weeks to allow the brine to fully penetrate the cuke.
I haven't used the Mrs. Wages, but I believe it's just a seasoning packet so won't change the timing.

I would definitely wait more than 24 hours!

If these are NOT processed pickles (i.e. stored in the refrigerator), they should be good for a week or two at least. What was the vinegar/water ratio?


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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Deanna the Mrs. Wages mixes contain citric acid and claim proper acidity levels are lab tested and approved.

I have tried a couple of their different mixes with good results although if processed and used with purchased cukes rather than fresh harvested ones they do tend to the soft side. I prefer to add Pickle Crisp to them or make them for fridge storage only.


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Yes they are going to be fresh grown. It says they mature in about 53 days. The package says it makes 7 quarts. 9-11 lbs of pickling cukes, 3 1/2 cups white vinegar 5% acidity, 7 1/3 cups water and the package of mix. I like softer pickles but I want them to be super flavorful so I didn't really know how was recommended for the pickles to soak in the brine. :-) I can't wait! Now after I jar them cause it says I need to use the boiling water bath canner method, after they cool it says to chill to enhance flavors and crispness. So It's recommended to usually leave them for 4-6 weeks for best flavor then?thanks!

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