just bought a hibiscus

daniellalellJuly 8, 2007

no tag on it except hibiscus bush..judging by the bloom that is getting ready to open i would say it is going to be a pale yellow? seems to be a tinge if pinkish peach. anyway, i just bought it and planted it yesterday, just noticed that one of the branches is broken, i can tell its now new, i just didnt notice when i bought it..should i cut it back or let it go? the buds on the end of the broken branch look like they are doing well.

2nd question is that some of the leaves are curling..could that just be from shock or what?

3rd and final is that it has powdery mildew on a few leaves..what should i use that i have around the house? ive heard baking soda and water..milk and water..what is the best home made remedy? i guess maybe thats why it was on the reduced clearance rack..but how could i pass up a nice size hibiscus for $9 and change??? im such a sucker.

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Daniel, first I'd remove the broken branch..It's not going to mend itself..Perhaps you can take cuttings.

Curling leaves can be caused for many reasons..were they curling before you repotted?
The plant could be in shock from changing locations, the drive home, or a new environment. If your hib is sitting in hot sun and wasn't before, this would cause leaf curling..what about the soil? Is it dry, wet? When soil dries too much, leaves start to curl, but this can happen when a plant is kept constantly wet, too.

Are you sure the powdery stuff is mildew and not mealybug? I make my own home-made organics for insects, but don't have any for mold..What color is the mildew?
If the hib has mildew, I would imagine the nursery overwatered, or this mold was on another nearby plant which founds its way to your hib..for now, I'd remove leaves that have the powder...
Do you have access to a hose? If not, can it be placed in the shower? I'd hose/shower foliage thoroughly..If soil is moist/wet, try not aiming water in soil. Toni

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i will cut the branch. when i bought the plant it was dry as a bone, but home depot usually does overwater their plants. it is def powdery mildew not mealybugs, my lovely lil fan-tailed friends havent shown their faces yet..if i were to wash it with the hose wouldnt that make it worse? i thought overhead watering was a cause of powdery mildew?
when i bought it I didnt notice if any leaves were curled. its only about 6 leaves, but they are curled so much they are almost closed in half.
I have bee keeping the plant well watered since i brought it home as it was so dry, and with just planting it i have been watering it whenever it looks dry. but not completely soaking it as i dont want to overwater.
I just planted it yesterday..sat afternoon, about 5:00pm, and watered well then. it got sun till 7:30. today it got sun from 2-7:30.
I watered the soil around the bottom at 7 this morn, and again around 4pm as it was getting dry. I'm gonna go remove those leaves..i think i read something about baking soda and water for powdery mildew..i'm gonna have to check that out again.

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Daniella, actually midew occurs when soil is kept too wet..and I KNOW what you mean about HD..They either keep their plants soaked or dry as a desert.

If you placed the broken branch onto the part it broke from, would they line up? If so, and it's almost exact lining, you can always tape them together. I was reading this very topic last night on another forum..
But the two pieces would require lining almost entirely.

They sell fungicides at nurseries, but if you're like me, you'd rather go the old-fashioned way..Organic..
There has to be a site where ppl discuss ridding mold, etc, from plants w/o using harsh chemicals.

I doubt there's anything harmful hosing leaves, as long as soil isn't rewatered.
When watering plants, it's a good idea to do a thorough job..allow water to seep out of drainage holes. Then, before rewatering, check soil to make sure, at the minimum, the top 3" feels dry. Soil should look/feel crumbly before watering again. Good luck, Toni

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