How much water and how often?

woodnymph2_gwJuly 13, 2007

The hibiscus sits outdoors in a pot and was doing great. I was watering and misting daily, amidst the heat and it bloomed like mad. Then, suddenly, buds that won't open and yellow leaves that drop off!

What am I doing wrong? Should it be in full sun? Should I mist it or water directly into the soil? How often? Is twice a day too much?

I live in humid Tidewater, VA.

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Hi Wood, let's see where to start? (S)
Okay, misting is fine, especially when foliage is sprayed w/hose. It keeps leaves clean, helps w/humidity, and rids some types of insects, if insects are a problem.
BTW, just to be on the safe side, did you check for insects? Look for mites, whitefly, mealy and scale. Mites are the worse as far as hibs go..Do u know how to check for these bugs?
Yes, hibs should be placed in full sun, but do it gradually, especially if your hibs were indoors overwinter.
You ask about hosing soil. Do you water by hand?
Soil should dry a bit between waterings, in other words, don't keep soil soggy..plant can develop root rot.
So, if you water by hand, there's no reason to use the hose too, (for soil) but foliage is another thing..I think hibs love having their foliage fact, it works better than misting since the spray really moistens leaves.
It's natural for some leaves to yellow, but if it's happened daily, then there's a problem. When did you get your hibs? Are they new? Toni

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Hi, Toni,

Thanks for answering my post. I skipped one day of watering and the hibiscus seems to be doing a little better. At least some of the buds opened up. But the thing looks so darned dry. Today, I watered its soil, only a little, but I think I will go back to misting it with the hose. I did check for bugs and saw none. It's a few years old and did live inside the house this past winter (barely). It is now sitting in partial sun, but maybe it would prefer full sun?

By the way, I just enjoyed reading your home page. I just took care of the small Iguana of a friend here and found it charming. Does yours eat crickets? I also am a "hopeful author". Good luck to you.....

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