Black Spots - Basil

bmerryman(5)May 6, 2010

I have about 20 seedlings (true leaves appeared around a week ago), about 3-4 days ago black spots began to appear and are spreading. From what I've read this is likely a fungus. Are these too small to treat? Should I just toss out all the affected seedlings and repot the few that aren't showing symptoms? Any other possible causes?

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You might try some seaweed and diluted milk sprayed on them. I had some sort of fungus or bacteria on my tomatoes (looked a lot like fusarium wilt) and I used seaweed spray, then followed a few days later with diluted milk. (soured and was going to get thrown out)
After the milk treatment I was surprised at how much better they looked. I think they are all going to make it. Just a week ago I thought I would lose a bunch of them.
If you have them quarantined it might not hurt to give it a try. Don't overwater either. All these diseases love wet conditions!

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It's probably too cold outside for the plants - they will get spots or the leaves shrivel. Protect them at night or cool days until temps stay at least 55F.

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