Malathion works wonders w/bugs; liq fertilizer TIP

hibiscuslovr(6b)July 3, 2005

I had tons of flying pests, including Aphyds, etc, and the Malathion treatment (2 tablespoons/gal water) spray got rid of 95 % of the pests overnight. The 2nd treatment got the remainer. A miracle! One plant was literally falling apart and not blooming at all; my plants bloom profusely now!!!!!

TIP: the best liquid fertilizer for all your plants, bushes and trees, including tomatoes. Take a 5-gallon bucket and fill it half full w/manure (horse or cow); then, fill it full with water. Let it sit a few hours; then dip (I use a hand-held mug) off ~ 1-2 mugs full per day for tomatos, ~ 1-2 mugs/day for hibiscus. It is a miracle fertilizer. And, CHEAP ...... too!

NOTE: REFILL to top with water after the liquid is removed down to the manure level.

once or twice per week: (U can't burn anything with this no matter how much U use)

2-3 mugs for bushes, including fig trees too

3-4 mugs for trees

John G Williams

Germantown, Tn 38138

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Are these tropical hibiscus? Malathion will defoliate tropical hibiscus. If your plants haven't lost all their leaves yet, you're lucky.

It won't kill them, and you won't have any more bugs, but they'll go naked.

I don't know if it does the same to hardy hibiscus.

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