Dying hibiscus

ninahuddJuly 21, 2014

OK so we have had 3 hibiscus trees in our garden in France for the past 10 years at least. They are in the same stretch of garden and have always done really well with lots of flowers and just the occasional need for insect spray. However, this year the middle hibiscus has a problem. The leaves have all turned yellow and now brown, are shrivelling up and dying. It was/is in mid flower and the flowers are still there, but it is a shadow of its former self. We have had a really hot, dry spell but the other 2 hibiscus are fine. It has also been raining now for 3 days straight and it looks no better. Any ideas?

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You say you have had them for 10 years.
I am going to assume they are hardy hibiscus, but you say they are trees, so they may be Rose of Sharon.
Nothing lives forever.
Give it extra water, and if it dies, it dies.
It may have hit the end of it's lifespan. That's all.
Everything does, sooner or later.

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Looking at pictures, yes they are rose of sharon. Thanks, will see what happens after the rains have stopped.
Is it worth dousing it in a soapy water solution in case it is a bug infestation??

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