Can I grow Spearmint in a 6 inch pot?

loveisblind1May 18, 2012

I have a spearmint plant about 6 inches tall now, but can I still retain the plant in a 6 inch pot?

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Yes, but only for a VERY short time! Spearmint has a very aggressive root system which grows at a rate of knots and will fill up a small pot before you can blink. Even in much larger pots, you'll need to repot frequently to avoid the plant becoming root-bound. However, if you're prepared to divide and repot a small piece of the plant on a regular basis, you can keep a piece of it in a small pot. Hardly worth the bother for the amount of leaves you'd get for your efforts, though.

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Ok thats good to know. I was thinking of buying another pot or container. Would a 10-12 inch pot be good for a while? Or should I plant it in my 24 inch trough?

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The larger the better, if not you may end up with nothing except root ball in a couple years. I gave a start to my neighbor 2 years ago and she keeps it in a 24 inch pot, her plant is doing better then mine which is in the ground. She loves it for the tea

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

There's 4 kinds of mint here, in 4" containers, started from cuttings sent by a friend. I wanted to show her that with some attention to pruning/pinching, you could keep mint nice & neat in a small pot. If I was going to do this as a forever thing, I'd start the pots over again each spring; or you could use larger pots, as suggested.


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Thanks wally and tapla. I have enough room to put mint in my larger container and probably will since I want to use it for tea. I'll try tapla's advice for usings cuttins to start new roots instead of buying more mint.

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Mint is very easy to start from cuttings. And if you've found a mint that you like the taste/smell of, that is one you definitely want to have more of! I snipped a few sprigs of a wild mint last year at a park - it had a wonderful bouquet. Rooted quickly and is now taking over a garden bed - something no mint has ever done at my place. Something to be said for wild stock!


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Yes I'll definitely make more plants from cuttings! I am going to repot into something much bigger and plant cuttings. I'll be drinking a lot of tea and will be using it in food! Just had my first mint tea today. =)

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Beautiful photos Al! I'm excited to start my own mint collection!

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