Can anyone ID this hibiscus?

tndaisyJuly 2, 2014

A friend shared this perennial hibiscus with me last fall, and it is currently about 7 feet tall- on stalks, not bushy. Is anyone familiar with this? Thank you!

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hibiscus moscheuto? spelling might be off.

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The leaves on hibiscus moscheutos appear to be 3 lobed, instead of the 5 lobed ones mine has. But thanks for giving me a direction to look in!

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This is a Hibiscus coccineus hybrid. Plant's foliage suggests it could be Lord Baltimore, but flower seems a bit small for that cultivar. Perhaps you can post more pix of it in bloom. It is a real winner!

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Thank you, Palmfan! I think we have a match! This is a first year plant, and what I read says that it'll take more time to reach its full size...

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