hibiscus is dying

linda0920July 11, 2006

In March I bought a rosa sinensis at Home Depot and planted it in a large unglazed clay pot. It has done really well, growing and producing lots of blooms. It even survived our June temps of 105-110. I was watering every other day and feeding once per week. Our monsoon season began, so I cut back on watering, only watering when we'd no rain for 2 days in a row. Still the plant did well. Now that we've not had rain for 4 days, the hibicus seems to be dying. All the leaves that are left are wilted and drooping. They are not crumbly-dry. I fed and watered yesterday - but no change. What should I do?

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Water it everyday it does not rain. Check for any pests on the hibiscus and look for disease. This is all I can suggest. Maybe some others have ideas.

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Check the pot for insects - particularly ants. I HAD THAT EXPERIENCE WITH A HIBISCUS IN A POT. I had to change the entire soil but it worked. Let us know if it works.

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