Gathering Hibisus seeds

Wet123July 18, 2014

I am hoping that someone can please help me here. I am new to gardening and want to collect seeds for trade. I am confused where to find the seeds. My perennial Hibiscus bloomed, and the next day the bloom fell off. Are the seeds located in the green area where the bloom comes from? I understand that I have to wait till it turns brown before I can gather the seeds, just not sure I am looking in the right place. Also because the bloom fell off right after it finished blooming, will this be a viable seed, or does the bloom need to remain on till it turns brown to have viable seeds. sorry this is so long, but as I said I am new to this and thank you so much for answering and helping me.

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Guess this is not an active forum

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its not the fastest forum. eventually someone will respond. if you are talking about hardy hibiscus - i don't grow those ones so can't help there. if you are talking tropical hib - you have to do the pollination by hand to get seeds usually.

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If you have hardy hibiscus, the plant will grow a large seed pod, they are sort of round and they stand out.
They have to turn brown and look as if they will open, they split open a little bit, you will see the seeds.
Then you harvest them.
The seeds from last fall I planted this spring and summer, but you can probably sow them this year in the ground if you want. Just mulch real good in the fall.

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My question is, where are the seed pods located? Are they at the end of the blossom?

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Yes, they will appear inside the structure where the blossom used to be.

After the blossom falls away and assuming it got pollinated, if you look inside where the blossom used to you should see a little green dome like structure. This is where the seeds are developing.

Eventually it will get bigger and bigger, then turn dark brown and open up revealing the seeds.

When I was just starting my gardens, this is when I collected the seeds. I successfully sprouted many of them the following two late winters and spring.

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I Need help on hardy hibiscus seeds too
.Gathered seeds A few days ago .Do i refridgerate them like daylily seeds or just let sit in t he envelope until January then plant inside.Or wait and plant outside in spring? I have planted sone in a cup of seed starter.Will they start a week after coming out of pod?
Im zone 5 by the way.

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The seeds do not need anything except kept dry. You can start time in pots inside anytime or plant them in the spring. If they are not pollinated they fall off right after the bloom drops. Tropical do not produce seeds on most varieties. But anyone of them seem to produce from cuttings.

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