Hibiscus buds eaten overnight

tpn77July 2, 2014

each night something is eating through the buds...thinking grasshoppers or cicada since they are out singing in Texas in July...sevin dust not slowing them down. Any ideas? These are cold tolerant veriaty, second year growth

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I don't know what's eating them,but that would pi** me off.I don't know anything about what problems you texans have with them.Our biggest problem here in s.calif is aphids.I'm constantly blasting mine with the hose.

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i treated with bayer 3 in 1 and treated the ant trails, and the aphids pretty much disappeared - they were horrendous this year, also in cali. still dealing with thrips and white fly though :(

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7tcu(Gulf Coast of TX, 9)

Grasshoppers, had the same problem last week.

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