Can Rose of Sharon be grown in containers?

suel41452July 4, 2006

I want to grow a ROS as a standard (tree form) in a large pot - Is this possible? Thanx in advance for any info.

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nevrest(z3 SK)

I have...if you wish to email me direct..I can send you pictures.

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marcusbotanicus(z5 IN)

Yes, they do very well in containers. They do need ample water in the growing season. Water every day and make sure the water runs out of the holes in the bottom of the pot. You can feed it with an All-Purpose fertilizer.

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I dug (actually ripped) my 6'+ ROS out, with all intentions of tossing it, about 2 months ago. Being unable to throw ANYTHING away, I stuck it in a pot. It didn't skip a beat; no sulking, no drooping. I'm more shocked that it's blooming right now...

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That's quite interesting, Tracey! What size pot did you use?
I would like to keep 2 ROS in foam pots on either side of my front entrance and keep them trimmed as "trees" to 5 feet max.
The reason I want to keep them in pots is I would like to keep them in an out-of-the-way spot in the spring - until they leaf out - before putting them in the front yard. I don't know about winter care, though. I wonder if I could just sink the pots in the ground over the winter? They would have drainage holes. Also, I don't know how often I would need to change the soil in the pot. TIA all for any info!

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My pot isn't really as big as it should've been; I was 'holding' it for a friend, but still haven't gotten over there to plant it for her. I just needed something to put it in temporarily, and it was close by, so I grabbed it.

I have a picture , which I was really taking a picture of the ragweed that showed up with a canna on the right :(

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I have one in a pot. Grows nicely and blooms. They're not picky plants in the least. Have them in sun, shade, in between, garden, pots.... they all do equally well. Don't need to do anything with the pot over the winter. I leave mine outside along with the potted maple. Both come back just fine.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks, all! I think I'll give it a try. I bought two blushing brides ( my favorites!!!) for only $5 each at Lowe's last week. At that price I feel free to experiment!!

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I bought a beautiful Collie Mullens Rose of Sharon tree (about 4-5 ft high) 2 years ago, did beautiful in very large pot in sunny spot of my patio. This year it is a bare twig, did not do that last year. I scraped bark & see green, is it going to ever put on some leaves & bloom its beautiful deep pink flowers, please someone give me some advice. Paid a good deal for this tree, & it is a tree, not a shrub. Hate to think of losing it. Thanks!

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All my hibiscus are in pots so I can move them for color contrast. Currently my RoS Blue satin is in the grow room blooming like crazy (3-7) flowers a day. Image below.

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i have one growing in a pot. its a piece of one that i just stuck into the pot and it rooted and this is its 2nd year. its in a large cast iron pot with part shade part sun. it has leaves growing right now :)

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