companion for low grow sumac on a sunny piney hillside

nmarieke(6)November 9, 2009

Hi there,

I am a beginner novice here, but looking for any suggestions. We have a hillside at the front of our house, which is actually quite sunny, even we reside in a pine forest. It gets a good deal of midday sun and the soil is rocky and silty. At the suggestion of a landscape arch friend, I have planted several low grow sumac on the hillside. This is a fairly large, baren hillside, desperately seeking attractive groundcover, and I love the fall color of the sumac.

I am looking for a handsome companion plant(s) for the sumac, preferably something that doesn't drop its leaves and provides 4 season color..any lovely ideas?

Thanks a bunch!

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pat4750(Zone 6 Cen PA)

We have a berm along the back of our property and I struggled for some time to find a low growing shrub to plant along its 80' length. Someone recommended Juniper 'Grey Owl'. It took a little while to find it, but I'm delighted with its performance and form. It grows 3-4' tall and 4-6' wide, has beautiful silvery blue grey foliage, produces lots of silvery berries which some birds like, loves full sun and after the first two years requires little additional maintenance which on a hillside is a very good thing! It's also a native plant and so likes the conditions I have here. I did dig a lot of Permatil into the planting hole because we have voles who just love to chew on the roots in winter.
I've been thinking of using the sumac 'Gro-Low' with it because of the sumac's glossy summer foliage and fall color. The only thing stopping this decision is the sumac's "enthusiasm" and doubts that I could keep up with it.
Perhaps someone else will offer some additional suggestions.
Good luck

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