A few last blooms

Nancy zone 6July 19, 2012

Not much blooming here, & most are on their last buds

Cherry Cheeks still has a few

Chicago Apache, one more bud after this

Hello Heartstrings has a couple of buds left on one of its rebloom scapes

Inwood is reblooming

Janice Brown has a couple of buds left from a rebloom scape

Jay is blooming nicely still. I think it bloomed pretty much on its normal schedule.

Last Reward still has some blooms

Pandora's Treasure has been a real trouper

Sammy Russell is in full bloom-it's pretty much on its usual schedule. Maybe because it is by the bird bath & everything gets more water there.

I thought I took a photo of Storm of the Century, but apparently not. Storm of the Century can be a bit splotchy at times, but this has been a really good year for it. The reblooms have been especially good, a little shorter but the blooms are huge.

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You still have a lot of pretty blooms left. It is always sad to see the blooms sloing and stopping, but even with the strange year, you have a lot of pretty ones still. Chicago Apache is hard to beat for a red lover like me, but Inood is still very pretty too.

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I like them all, maybe leaning a bit toward Inwood and Jay. Avedon

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Glad to know that your Pandora's Treasure is producing. This year was the first it did anything for me, but its location is not great.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

What shame that the daylilies are almost ended. Still, you have some really lovely bloomers right now. I love your Sammy Russell clump and it looks great around the bird bath. A tie for favorite for me between Chicago Apache and Hello Heartstrings. I wish my Hello Heartstrings would rebloom!

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mizellie(z7 Al)

Innwood and Pandora's treasure are tied for my favorite. The nice clump of Sammy Russel by the birdbath looks great.. Ellie

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shive(6b TN)

The color of Cherry Cheeks always grabs me, no matter how many times I see it. Inwood is looking great!


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Cherry Cheeks is a beautiful color! Love Pandora's Treasure and Chicago Apache too. Beautiful picture of Janice Brown, looks so fresh and delicate.
Same situation with blooming here, plus mine started later than yours and there is no rebloom. What a short season.

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Nancy zone 6

Chicago Apache is a great daylily, isn't it Kay, I love it. I think I got a little close with the weed killer, the blooms on one scape were all messed up & that is all I can think of.
I hope Pandora's treasure keeps up the good work, every bloom has looked so good. With rebloom it has been blooming since the end of May, although only a bloom every few days since it is new & not many fans.
Hello Heartstrings is one of my very favorites too Rita, & I love how well it has rebloomed. Hope it does that every year.
Inwood is a favorite too, it blooms well & almost always reblooms.
I've never been that fond of Sammy Russell, it looks so like Autumn Red & I had several clumps of that til I got rid of them last year. It does look better than any other daylily right now.
It does seem like such a short season, at least I am still getting a bit of rebloom. With all the rain we've been getting this week, I'm hoping for even more reblooms.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

You still have some very pretty ones blooming, but it is sad to see them slowing down and coming to a end.Love CHICAGO APACHE, love them reds.HELLO HEARTSTRINGS is a very pretty one, too.PANDORA'S TREASURE is a real winner.I just love thet one.CHERRY CHEEKS is a very pretty one, too.I am glad you are getting rain, jsy wish it would rain here, too, we are under severe drought.have had no rain this month, other then a litle mist that lasted about 2 hrs.and a sprinkle one morning, i doubt it lasted a hr. at any rate, it never did wet the bottom of the rain guage.


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Julia NY(6)

I like your picture of Janice Brown. Seems like the bloom season is closing so quickly this year.


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