Wilty Basil Plant

ejh805(8b)May 9, 2012

So, about two weeks ago I got a few herb plants from home depot. They included Sweet Basil, Rosemary, Greek Oregano, Flat Italian Parsley, Lemon Thyme, and Apple Mint.

I put all of the plants in a mixture of 3 parts miracle grow cactus potting soil, one parts perlite.

So far, all of the plants are doing wonderfully....except my sweet sweet basil :(

When purchased, it was in a crowded pot with the parsley and oregano. When I brought them home, I split them all into seperate pots. The rosemary is in a 16in pot, and the basil/thyme/parsley/oregano are each in their own 12in pots, the mint in a 24inX6in pot.

All pots are very well draining with lots of holes. And as stated before, everything else is growing very well.

But my basil is starting to get light yellow spots on its once bright green leaves. It recently tried to go into bloom, so I went ahead and chopped off some of the stalk in the correct manner.

We had a pretty huge rainstorm last week and I'm afraid that's what caused it. I leave all of them except the mint out in full sunlight all day, and it stormed out of nowhere while I was at work so I couldn't do anything to spare them being overwatered.

So- Is it the accidental overwatering from the storm thats causing my basil to get all limp, yellow-streaked and wilty? Or could it be transplant shock? I saw some gnats flying around the plant this morning so could it be an insect issue? Please help!! I really don't want to kill off this plant.

*Other than the surprise rain (5 inches of it) it's been really sunny here. And the temps have been ranging from 80-95 degrees fahrenheit.

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