Hardy Hib. Want to get cuttings

ippymiss(6)July 31, 2008

Hi, I have a Hardy Hibiscus (dinner plate) and I want to start more cuttings. Is it too late in the summer to do this?


this is last years picture and this year it is twice as big and starting to bloom .

Here is a link that might be useful:

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This spring I pulled some starts and got one to come up, I really do want to fill my hillside up with them. Im afraid to cut anything right now, as it is getting ready to bloom. Last fall I cut some and put in water and they died, not sure what to do. I am not very good with seeds and not to sure as to what to do with them or even when to start the seeds. HELP!

I have a very green thumb but do not want to hurt my bush.

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gansn(z7 AL)

it's really too late to take cuttings. The ends are not soft enough to root. Hibiscus seeds are not that hard to get started. I usually plant some in gallon pots in the fall and leave on my porch. They germinate in early spring.

In the spring I can pull off a mostly dead branch, trying to get it out of the dirt and if I break it off so that there is some green at the bottom, I can put it in a pot of dirt and it will root and grow well.

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I respectfully disagree. I think one can easily root hibiscus cuttings at this time of year. Place your cuttings in potting or seed starting mix. Put the pots under an overturned fish tank in a shady spot with a bit of dappled sunlight. Avoid direct sun or your cuttings WILL be toast. I have rooted hardy hibiscus cuttings quite easily during the summer, and I am planning to root some more very soon. I have a good assortment of tropical, subtropical and hardy varieties that all winter outdoors here in southern New Jersey (zone 7/8) in lower Cape May County. I have always treasured these links to the tropics!

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