What is the difference? (Pics)

nurse_nikkiJuly 17, 2007

I have two very different hardy perennial hibiscuses and I would like to know the difference. On the white one, each branch grows directly from the ground. The red one has 2 or 3 central trunks from which other branches sprout. They are both wonderful specimens I just don't know if I should be treating them differently.

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Look at the leaves. The red one appears to be some type or variation of Hibiscus coccineus or red Texas star. These often have leaves which resemble marijuana. In fact there is one hibiscus which is named hibiscus cannabis and the leaves look exactly like marijuana. If you will note the white hibiscus, the leaves are lance shaped. These are just two different kinds, kissing cousins. Your plants look very healthy and the blooms are beautiful. Be sure to save the seeds and plant them when the ground is VERY WARM IN SPRING. If you have a greenhouse, plant the seeds in a tray and put them in the greenhouse when conditiona are HOT. Keep watered. I potted up almost 400 plants (130 pots) from seeds this year.

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I did notice the difference in the leaves and that they did resemble marijuana. Both of these plants are only 2 years old (well at least thats how long they have been in my yard.) I am thinking about trying to cut back the red one as it is smacking people walking down the side walk. I have a feeling I will have plenty of plants around my yard!

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the red one is a Lord Baltimore...it has more slender, pointy leves. It tends to grow taller and is "leggier" than the white.I have the LB hib and my grandmother has the white one..and the white is a little clumpier.Hers is growing out of control! The white looks like a disco belle variety. I have that one in the back of my house, neither are doing so well this year:'( You should treat them the same, although my grandmother is 95 and can't water hers and it's stunning!My mom pours a milk bottle full of h2o on it every once in a blue moon!

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I have noticed that mine do much better without much watering. My red one hardly ever gets water (other than rainfall.) I made a point to water the white one a couple times in the last 2 weeks and it is not doing as well as the red one.

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Unfortunately, I had neglected my plants a bit with my work schedule.I have been watering them and they now have bigger buds every day and look much healthier. I really think that these plants need a "perfect" spot. I'm so sorry I didn't have my camera on Sunday when I visited my grandmother...hers has sooooo many big, beautiful blooms:00)

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the red one is Hibiscus cannabinus. Answered years later if your interested...

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